Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grey Smokey Eye

When I do my makeup, specifically my eye makeup, I like to match with my outfit. This was the shirt I was wearing that I was styling my makeup after.

Start with grey or black eyeliner. I know the usual thing is to do your eyelashes last, but I am so freaking bad about getting all over my newly finished eyeshadow. I usually do mine after the liner.

Then cover the whole lid with a lighter color, because your eyeliner will be darker. I used all my colors from the Tarte Trueblood palette. This is Tarte Fairy.

Then do a darker color along your upper lashline over the liner you already put on. Make it as dark and thick as you want, or do less if you're not into really intense eyes like me. Blend along the last line with a puffy brush. Sometimes I use my thin angled eyeliner brush to make the nice line, then dab just a tiny bit on the puffy brush to smudge it out and blend the liner. This shadow is Tarte Stake.

Just to add a little fun, and because I don't like to line my lower lashes with a dark color, I added some shimmery silver on the outer corner of my lower lashline. This is Tarte The True Death.

This is my finished look with MAC Gem of Roses as the lippie.


  1. I want that tarte tb palette so bad. I'm broke as of now. Hopefully it'll still be around when I get bday money :) You matched your shirt very nicely

  2. Thanks! I try lol. I freaking love this palette. I am trying to do a million looks with it so people will believe how versatile it is. Anything you'd like to see or that you're curious about?

  3. Very pretty! I am like you, I don't like to have my eye makeup too heavy. I need to find this stuff!

  4. Love it! And I am so jealous that you skin is so flawless! I want to do more posts like this but my skin isn't cooperating.

  5. Your eyes look great!


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