Sunday, September 18, 2011

Glitter Toes With Ginny

It's been a while since I painted Ginny's nails! Check out last time and learn a little more about her in this post. She always likes it and we have a good time :)
Here are her glitter toes - WetNWild Glitz! I'm wearing Zoya Meadow.

All done! You can't really see the polish in this one but I think it's cute. I usually paint her toes while she's in her chair getting her gtube feeding so it won't get all over the carpet.

And we foot cuddle :)

I used WetNWild Glitz on her toes for a sheer pop of colorful glitter. This is just one coat, because she's squirmy lol. It is a clear base with hot pink, light pink, and baby blue glitter.

And because this pic is just too cute, I'm using it again. Ginny blows you a kiss and says thank you for looking at my cute nails!


  1. wow.. you're so sweet. i'm happy that you do that for her. you're a sweetheart.

    i'm happy that i followed your blog. :-)

  2. sweet toes!! ginny is just so precious.

  3. I like that, twinkle toes lol. She definitely is. Man she has active feet. It's kind of like when you're sitting with your boyfriend and your feet are cold so you put them under him...but x100 lol. She loves to wiggle/rub/fiddle her feet under/on me lol. We foot cuddle :).

    Yea Destany she is precious :). That's much easier to say when she's not misbehaving haha. <3 kids

  4. Good bless her!! She is so cute and the toesies rock!!!


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