Thursday, September 22, 2011

Polish Jewelry - First Try

I've been crafty all my life, and making jewelry for years, but this is the first time I have tried to make polish jewelry! Behold!
I wanted pink earrings because I'm an earring whore and have no pink earrings. I didn't want just polish colors, but something fun...then I got the free nail wheel in that a bunch of us got ages ago from FB or something..and it had flower rhinestones. Cherry blossoms! It's Zoya Meadow with Soho Punch and OPI Teenage Dream as the base color. The branches are Barry M Dusky Mauve.This is a picture before the resin so it isn't filled up.

Stuff looks so awesome under a black light! I used UV resin and my fluorescent blacklight to cure it.

I love hair accessories so had to make some of those too!

Zoya Rica

China Glaze Atlantis

I'm sporting the teal one here!

I'm also working on polish bobby pins too (under blacklight). Stay tuned!

If you'd like some custom polish jewelry, or really anything as you can see, Facebook message me or email me at with an obvious  subject like "Polish Jewelry" or something so I don't miss it :).


  1. Thats awesome lol. The cheery blossoms look absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. So Fabulous! I love to make jewelry too!!!

  3. This is so cuuute!
    I'm a big fan of these hair stuff!

  4. Ooh its fun! I need to get more stuff to make jewelry. I'm starting to have creative ideas :D.

  5. I have to say this, your eyes are very beautiful ^__^

  6. LOVE this! Awesome stuff, Megalicious! (It feels like I haven't called you that in like 109 years. It felt good to type it again, lol.)


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