Monday, May 16, 2011

To Marian!

‎"Never take your freedoms for granted and every chance you get let the ones you love 
know that they are indeed loved." ~ Marian Curtner
My best friend died in a car accident last week. We have been friends since I can remember. My mother and her mother are best friends as well and have worked together for 20+ years. We used to call them "our moms" when we were out together - like my mother and her mother, but it sounded like they were partners and we had lesbian moms :P. We always used to laugh about that. The vast majority of our friendship was spent hiking together - we both love being in nature. She was a wild child, a free spirit, a hippie, just like me.

Her funeral was this past Thursday. I had brought a black dress and cardigan, not really knowing what to wear. Once I got to my home town and visited her parents before the funeral, we all decided that we should wear what she would have liked - bright colors, flowy skirts, and just be normal. I borrowed a skirt from my mum and wore this to her funeral, along with a large blue flower in my hair, and a bright and groovy manicure:
The service was in Tellico Plains up near the mountains and back in the country. It was absolutely gorgeous and just what she would have wanted. Sharon, her mother, said she hoped she had lots of flowers, and I can't even describe to you how many there were. If I could guess, there were about 50 things of flowers. So many people showed up to pay their respects, say goodbye, and honor her memory...there must have been 200 in this small church. Even the standing room around the walls was full. I didn't get to see her, as they closed the casket a few hours before the funeral, but her Aunt and I had a moment together and she told me she was just beautiful. The funeral director was a lovely woman and said she painted her nails for me - our favorite color, green.

I at first, like with my outfit, didn't know what to do for my nails. After a while I decided to go a little wild with them and just do what she would have liked. This is two coats of Barielle Decadence (thanks Jeremy :D) with one coat of Essence Hello Holo holographic medium sized glitter in a clear base.
Just check it out in the sunlight! It's a bit blurry to accentuate the sparkle. It really does look like this in person though, it's just difficult to capture in a photo.
Even in dim indoor light it's just amazing. This is what it looked like at the funeral as well. I was so pleased that it was still stunning indoors. 
Here it is when it isn't looking that holo-y and you can just see the silver glitter. 
And a little bit of just the Barielle Decadence.

Please excuse my awful nail shape. My corners have been breaking off multiple times a day, so I'm trying to find a happy medium where they look good but don't break as much. And I brought very little with me on my trip, so I didn't have any cleanup tools.

Here's one to Marian! May she rest in peace and be remembered for all the beautiful things that made her Marian, my best friend, my sister.
November 13, 1989- May 7, 2011


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. She was beautiful and I'm sure she would have appreciated your colorful gestures. My prayers are with you and your families.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. It's difficult when you lose a loved one. She definitely would have appreciated your sweet colorful gestures.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss Megan!

    Love the nails, I am sure she would have loved them too!

  4. May you have strenght and may her rest in peace.

  5. Thank you ladies. I'm actually going to lunch with her mum tomorrow. Poor thing is worried about ME being alone lately. Or maybe that's just a good excuse for us to hang out :). I'll be showing this post to her at lunch if there is anything else you'd like to say to her and her family or any good wishes you'd like to send.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I love the first both look so happy together...remember those times!

  7. -hugs- I'm so sorry, honey. She would have loved your outfit and your nails for sure... you looked beautiful!

  8. I'm sure she's proud to have you as a friend, anyone that reads this should feel that way. Dang, I've got tears!

  9. Im so sorry, my mothers funeral was thursday as well. I know your pain, and can only send love because there are no words. Only know you arent alone.

  10. I'm so sorry Megan :( I know how hard it is to lose a friend my friend Andrew passed 5 years ago and it is still hard at times. It helps me to have his pictures around the house and to keep in touch with his mom, but they never leave your thoughts

  11. In that case, please tell my condolences to Marian's mother as well.

    It is only 6 months ago when I lost my dad but it is still hard every day. I think about it less than in the beginning but I still think about it every day. Cherish the memories, cry when you feel like crying and don't let anyone tell you to hurry to get over it... That would be my advice to both of you.

  12. ((hugs)) thats so sad im sorry you lost your bestie she was a beautiful girl and from reading beautiful inside as well i love what you chose to wear for her funeral and ur nails looked amazing i bet she was looking down just smiling seeing you guys all there truly for her not being traditional black but truly in her memory her memory will live on with you forever

  13. Prayers and love to you and to Marian's family. Bless you all!

  14. Thank you all so much!

    Kati that advice was so perfect. I read it to her at lunch.

    Her mom was just so sweet. I can't believe she called me, worried about me! Poor thing lol, I love her.


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