Sunday, May 22, 2011

Before I even got to use them....

Yes, you're seeing the sad death of Zoya Cassi and Zoya Savita. They were from my Earth Day promo, which I got the very day I left to go to my best friend's funeral. I just got back only a couple of days ago and still haven't had a change to use them. Cassi was actually going to be my first choice :(.

I took some polishes over to a friends house, left them in the car overnight since we didn't end up polishing, then when I opened the car the next day I smelled nail polish. It was hot in my car, which I didn't expect. I suppose they burst from the heat? I don't really understand this, as I had many others with my and they were fine. Needless to say the polish got freaking everywhere....

I did manage to salvage the beauty of most of the affected bottles, surprisingly. I thought remover or acetone would take the writing right off, but that was most usually not the case. Really the only one that was damaged from having polish on it was my Teez Cool blue holo from Kati....which is probably one of the nicest ones I have.
 Before, with polish all over it /\ /\ /\        After removing the polish \/ \/ \/
All I can say is sad freaking day. I hadn't even used them yet! I'm actually quite depressed about it. I don't know what to do. I want them so badly, but I don't know if I can bare to spend even more money on them and buy them again, you know what I mean? Is this something I should try and contact Zoya about? Maybe their bottles are susceptible to heat or something....I don't know. I just want my Cassi and Savita :(.


  1. poor you :( You can probably try and contact them, just to hear if they can explain it, if they've ever had bottles bursting before.. And then maybe you're lucky that they will replace them! :)

  2. At first I thought it was Drew, then once I examined it it was Cassi.

    Yea Swaffie....I don't really expect them to but I definitely want them to.

  3. I would contact Zoya for sure. Even if they don't replace the bottles, they should at least know so they can start putting a warning or something on the bottles.


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