Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ABC's of Me!

Want to know some random things about me? You should fill it out too, it's fun! Feel free to blog about it and leave your link in my comments or just fill it out and leave it in the comments if you don't have a blog.

A. Age:
I just turned 22!

B. Bed Size
Queen, I think...I never really know.

C. Chore I hate:
I freaking hate doing dishes...eew and cleaning the shower because of all the loose hairs.

D. Day
The day my boyfriend comes home from deployment will be the best day ever!

E. Essential start of your day:
Gotta have my coffee and breakfast! I drink Folgers with skim milk and Splenda :P.

F. Favorite Color:
Green, then red, then purple.....I totally have a hierarchy.

G. Gold or Silver?:
Silver for sure, or any silver-toned metal like platinum and the like.

H. Height:

I. Instruments:
I used to play the piano regularly for years but not so much anymore. I play classical piano like Mozart and Betthoven.

J. Job Title:
Recreational Therapist (still in school so not yet certified, but I have two jobs) usually working with children with multiple developmental disabilities

K. Kids
I have wanted babies for like years. We've talked about the possibility of starting as early as most of the way through my final semester of college (spring 2012). I hope to be married to my love by then. The earlier start is because he will be on shore duty when he gets home for three years, which means he won't be deploying. I don't want him to miss his child's first year of life.

L. Live
Virginia, originally from Tennessee

M. Mom's name:

N. Nicknames
Meg, or Meggie Leigh as my mother calls me lol

O. Overnight stay at hospital:
Not so far!

P. Pet Peeves:
Chewing with your mouth open, people using inappropriate words describing people with disabilities

Q. Quote from a movie:
"FFRRRRRRREEEEEEDDOOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Braveheart, my favorite movie

R. Right or left handed:

S. Siblings
1 older sister who is a meanie-head

T. Time you wake up:
Errr lately pretty late because I don't work till 2pm and have been staying up horribly late at night...like 11-12

U. Underwear:
Bikini or boyshort style, cute and patterned. I hate thongs and only wear them when my outfit choice requires it.

V. Vegetable you hate:
Not many, I even like brussel sprouts. I'd say....radishes.

W. What makes you late?:
Trying to paint my nails in a short period of time then daintily getting my things to get out of the house because my nails are still wet....why do I do this?

X. Xrays you've had:
Mouth of course for wisdom teeth which I had out, and chest for what I believe now is costochondritis and feeling a bit better.

Y. Yummy foods you can make:
I just made mushroom spinach manicotti and spinach artichoke dip the other night...I also make a lovely white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake.

Z. Zoo:
I actually used to volunteer at the Knoxville Zoo for years when I was younger and still love going to the zoo!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! :) Have a fabulous day!!

  2. If you sister is a mean atleast you only have one :)

  3. If you sister is a mean atleast you only have one :)

  4. Checking if I can comment now...

  5. OMG I have the same pet Peeve and my niece does the whole eating with her mouth open. UGH I cant stand it. Im like STOP EATiNG LIKE A COW!!!

  6. Looove me some Brussels Sprouts. They are delish, especially when my hubby makes 'em. I wish I had a sister, meanie or not. ;)

  7. Thanks Debby!

    Kati apparently you can, so do so lol!

    Holly I don't understand why I see many /adults/ chewing with their mouths open. I really don't....

    Kari you can have mine.....


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