Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award: I'm Really Cool?

Omg my first blogging award, and I got it three times?!??! Thanks for liking and supporting me Amber, Karin, and Kari! I really needed this lately. Since I took my week hiatus I feel like I have lost a lot of followers and I've been sad about it.

With receiving this award I have to write 10 facts about myself, then tag 10 bloggers with this award.

10 facts about me:
1. I have an awesome cat named Moose and he gives kisses.
2. My boyfriend is in the Navy.
3. My favorite color is green.
4. I'm a total hippie: I love nature, don't kill bugs, and have a rainbow peace sign sticker on my car.
5. My current favorite nail polishes are Zoya Reva and China Glaze Mahoganie.
6. I played rugby in highschool and I was badass :D
7. I love watching tv shows like Law and Order, Supernatural, and Charmed.
8. I love arts and crafts and make things like jewelry and cards.
9. I have long blonde hair down to my hips. Jeremy said I couldn't cut it till he got home from deployment lol.
10. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and would love some local nail polish buddies!

Now for tagging 10 bloggers I think deserve this award! If you got tagged more than once, that just means you're awesome :).
Rainbows & Sparkles
Chloe's Nails
The Daily Nail
Concrete and Nail Polish
At Your Fingertips
Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss
Southern Sister Polish
Manicured Monkey
The TraceFace Philes



  1. Eep!! Thanks for tagging me!!

  2. Love your facts. :) I want kitty kisses from my kittehs. lol Congrats on your award for such a cute blog.

  3. You deserved it girly, Anyone who would post a pic of there boyfriends painted nails is awesome to me, LOL I'm glad it made you happy!!!!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Haha Karin I'm glad you liked! He still doesn't know :X.

    Lacquer it's so freaking cute. I have no idea how to snap a picture of that cuteness though. Maybe a camera recording then a screen shot...hmm lol.

  5. woohoo!!! thanks megs! I just got this one but will link to it on my page! I would be your nail polish buddy if I lived close!


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