Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Borghese!

Can you believe I found Borghese at Ross? I freaking love Ross! I have picked up Borghese polishes 10 times and not purchased one because they're about $8 and I didn't know if they were any good. Well I'd gladly pay $5.99 for three polishes!!!
I ended up getting the left set because in the top set the clear was just clear. It wasn't like a nice top coat or anything. The top one is a lovely rosey pink mauve, the middle is a very bright nearly neon pink, and the last one is a dark dark blurple that looks like a dupe for Zoya Pinta. Fun!

Now which one to try first?


  1. How cool! I just got my first Borghese on Saturday at CVS. It was in the half-price clearance and it was marked down to $3.99. I had a $3.00 coupon that I got from the beauty club to choose a "birthday gift" so it was only 99 cents. SCORE! I swatched it on my nail wheel but haven't tried it out yet. Let me know what you think of these when you try 'em. :)

  2. Borgheses are great. Granted I only own one but It was great and the brush is pretty awesome. I see Orange! Try that one first.

  3. I don't have a Ross where I live but I do have a Winners and I saw the same sets for $8.99 which is a fabulous deal considering they retail at $13.99 for a single bottle!

  4. Kari I'm jealous! You must be a coupon queen!

    Cris I only bought the left set, not the right one. You mean the hot pink? The pic is a cell phone pic so it isn't that color accurate lol....

    Ashley yea I know they're expensive! I'm excited to try one though!

  5. I was hesitant for a while too, but I did get Stellar Notte recently. I -love- that color. Formula's pretty good too.


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