Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me: The Good Stuff

I got some cute things from my mom, sister, and Jeremy's mom for my birthday. But onto the good stuff haha!!
Amber sent me these cute Sinful Color minis for my bday!

From left to right:
Sinful Colors This Is It - Shimmery gold with gold shimmer and tiny round holographic glitter
Gogo Girl - True red creme, but deeper. The pic makes it look more primary, but it's richer than that without being dark. 
Midnight Blue - Medium blue with blue shimmer and a slight metallic finish 
HD Nails - Medium-light fresh green with green shimmer and a slight metallic finish
Out of This World - Semi-sheer silver/white with silver and light blue shimmer
My favorite of these is the gold one. It must be the holo glitter :D. I tried and tried to capture it, and this is the best I could get. It is so much more eye-capturing in person.

Jeremy got me a pedicure for me a and a friend (which I haven't done yet), he's paying for my hibachi birthday dinner with friends, and.....he got me an Ulta gift card for $100!!!!
 Wahooo!!! So help me shop ladies!!! Definitely picking up Silver Shatter if I can find it, and maybe two from that collection....China Glaze Ruby Pumps is on my want list...Gosh what else? Heelpps!!


  1. So far I'm thinking Butter London All Hail McQueen and probably Victoriana. Then OPI Pirates of the Carribean Silver Shatter, Stranger Tides, and the pink one lol. More more?

  2. Happy birthday..
    And wow, some nice bday gifts :D

  3. happy birthday i really love ur nail blog... Godbless

  4. We're running low on the POTC collection if you haven't made it there yet.LOL. We do have some silver shatter, not an immense amount. If you can't get one there let me know, I have an extra one(bought one at work and from Amazon).

    Happy bday btw! Mine's at the end of the month!


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