Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catrice Sold Out Forever

AAhhh finally, a mint green! Can you believe I didn't have one before this? Kati gave me this through our swap and I love it. Catrice Sold Out Forever is a mint green creme with bright green shimmer that is much more apparent in the bottle than on the nail.

Here is a picture of the bottle shimmer. I have to try really hard to see shimmer on the nail, but it's still gorgeous!

If you haven't noticed I took off my acrylics. They were all eehhhh. So now I have tiny little squares :P. They're almost nubbins. Actually I have broken several corners since I cut them so I might have to go back to squoval :-/. And my cuticles were neglected obviously. I swear I think they look fine until I see lose up pictures.....

I decided it needed some more pizazz so I added flowers with Catrice Dirty Berry on the ring fingers.

Then I craved a Mint Aero and decided to do a comparison :D. Pretty close honestly, though the Aero mint green is brighter. It was super noms!


  1. I like it a lot! Dirty Berry stamping looks gorgeous on Sold out Forever. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Mmmmm, see... now I want a mint Aero! Love this color on you, and love the flowers!!

  3. I love this colour but I see it around a lot.. do you have any dupes of this?

  4. This is a close dupe to Chanel Jade (just a whole lot cheaper), I don't know what other dupes there are.

  5. You know I just got what I think might be a dupe of an NYC polish from a friend for my birthday. Also Orly Ancient Jade is similar but I think it's richer and a teeney bit darker.

    Kati I did it free hand! :D

  6. You are so good at free handing! It looks really pretty!


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