Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spa Day - Alzheimer's Association

We had a Spa Day at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the elderly residential facility I interned at. We had massages, facials, and manicures available in exchange for a donation to the Alzheimer's Association. I, of course, did manicures! The amazing Color Club was of course very popular!

And I don't know what it was about the french manciures that day! One person got one, then the next person said "I want what she had" lol...and so on. Candy Girl from Color Club was the go to french color for sure. 

And again, we have my lovely hand model from OLPH, Dee!
She loves her peachy, natural, and neutral colors. Don't they look nice on her? She is such a Color Club fan! Honestly I think it was french manicures for most of the time. I did have someone request China Glaze Bare if You Dare from my stash, but of course I forgot to take a picture of that!

Go go Color Club, and thanks again for your amazing donation to OLPH and the ladies there!!!


  1. Love this!! ;) Those old ladies seem so sweet!

  2. I haven't seen this color before.. I like it alot! Looks awesome on the ladies too :D


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