Sunday, January 29, 2012

Comparison: Zoya Neeka vs. Zoya Lotus

Zoya Neeka is from the fall Smoke and Mirrors Collection. Zoya Lotus is from the new spring True Collection. Some people were worried they might be dupes, so here they are in a comparison.

Zoya Neeka is on my pointer and ring fingers, and Lotus is on the middle and pinky. Neeka is a darker purple and has more shimmer.

In the bottle comparison, you can see that Lotus has pink glassfleck shimmer and Neeka has gold.

Zoya Lotus

Zoya Neeka

The polishes definitely aren't dupes, but maybe sisters. Lotus has a lighter creamier base and pink glassfleck shimmer, compared to Neeka's deeper dustier base and full gold glassfleck shimmer. Lotus is Neeka's happier sister.
Which do you prefer?


  1. We did very similar posts today - post twins, haha. :) I'm a sucker for pink shimmer so I have to choose Tru over Neeka, but they are both gorgeous! Great comparison.

  2. Lol really? How weird! I just went to look.

    I honestly don't know which I prefer. I think I like Neeka's base with Tru's shimmer. Or better yet, both pink and gold together!

  3. Crap thanks Lisa haha. I put the correct name in the title, but not in the post. I changed them all now. Yes the comparison is with Lotus and not Tru.

  4. wow! they are really close to each other!


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