Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flakie Comparisons

With all the new flakies coming out, I wanted to give you a comparison of every flaky I currently own. Here are pictures on my swatch nails over black with color descriptions.

Bright blue, green, teal     Green, yellow, amber

   Blurple, emerald green    Red, orange, amber,
                                      yellow, green, teal

       Red, orange, amber,     Bright green and blue flakes,
yellow, green, teal, blue     round and square glitter 
Orange, yellow, green   Orange, yellow, green
                           blue, blurple                                                                                                                      

Pink, green, copper,     Yellow orange, copper
                          blue microflakies

Silvery white flakes

Many flakies are similar, so when I'm trying to decide between two that look the same swatched I go with the cuter bottle :P. And because the bottles and swatches often don't match up, here are bottle pics. 
Golden Rose 04                     Golden Rose 13
       Golden Rose 11                     Golden Rose 03

Golden Rose 15               Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Finger Paints Twisted                    Nubar 2010

Zoya Soho Punch                     CoverGirl Pink Twinkle
Sally Hansen Glass Slipper


  1. i've just bought 2010 from ebay, and its currently on it's way over from the states! nails inc have some over here from their gossip girl collections, but theyre so expensive :(

  2. sooo many flakies =) I love Twisted and Golden Rose 13 best, though they're all pretty!

  3. Oh wow, Golden Rose 11 looks so different in the bottle! It is sooo pretty and now I want it. Does it match up with any of the FP flakies? I feel like most of the FP flakies are brighter, like Golden Rose 4 and 13

  4. OH wow!!! I didn't know Sinful Colors had flakies out. :( My stores never get anything new.

  5. Nice post! I have Golden Rose flakies and they rock!

  6. I love flakies!! These GR ones look amazing!

  7. Zoya had a flakie before these fleck effects? I've never heard of Soho Punch before. Wow.. it's subtle and gorgeous!

    I own Twisted and she's amazing! Probably my favorite flakie.


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