Friday, January 6, 2012

Force of Love, A DL Dupe

Icing Force of Love is a pretty good dupe of the luxurious Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe. This is two coats of Force of Love. It is a dark navy blue jelly with small silver glitter, medium sized bright blue hex glitter, and greenish blue hex glitter.
The formula was mediocre. It was kind of lumpy and not self-leveling. Like any glitter, you need to be careful of it hanging off the sides and free edge. To fix that issue I lick my finger and rub it along the free edge. The wetness of your finger doesn't cause friction and ruin the super wet polish, where a dry finger or tool would.
Here is a close up of the glitter.
 I think the green glitter in Force of Love is really blue with a slight green or tealy tinge. The Deborah Lippman seems to have green green glitter. The silver glitter is also less pronounced and more blue in the DL. Here is a swatch of Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe from my friend Stacy at ParlevouzOngles to compare.
Price is the biggest difference. DL: $18 at Nordstrom or online. Icing: $7.50 at Icing, often b1g1 half off for polishes.

I do prefer the DL. Is it close enough to kill the lemming?


  1. i have this one...and mine was so darn goopy it was hard to control! i have another dupe - essence blue addicted that i like much better :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I really need one or the other because its so pretty.

  3. This polish is so pretty. I have the Essence dupe coming in the mail in a swap!

  4. Ohh Lovely! I still would love to own the DL though.. lol

    *New follower here*... I love your rainbow background with the polish! So gorgeous.


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