Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party Hearty Pedi

Yea yea, I know it's way past Christmas. It was actually only a little over two weeks ago. This pedi was just too cute to not post.

I started with two coats of Phat Santa - a dark but not too dark, rich red creme.

I had to use the lovely China Glaze Pearty Hearty for Christmas. I got it from my friend Jody :).

This is one coat of Party Hearty over Phat Santa. It's a clear polish with tiny gold square glitter, small green hex glitter, and large red hex glitter. It reminds me of holly.
I wanted to do a glitter sandwich so I added one coat of the only red jelly I have, Revlon Mystical.

I love how it turned out and only just recently took it off lol! I LOVE Party Hearty!


  1. Luv toesies!!! They are very underestimated and not much people like them, nice pedi!!!

  2. I never wear glitter on my toes because I DREAD removing it! You're braver than me, and it looks lovely :)

  3. Nice! I like glitter on toes actually since I don't change pedis as often :)

  4. Party Hearty from Holiday 2010 is a good one. I like it better than 2011 version with the golden mix - she draws a blank on the name right now.


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