Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zoya Lovely Swatches

 Zoya has a "Lovely" new collection out for Spring 2013 :P.

Zoya GeiGei is a cherry blossom pink with a metallic silver and pink shimmer.

This was nice with two coats.

Julie is a blue toned pale purple, lavender, with silver and purple metallic shimmer.

This was two coats, but a little patchy. It would have done well with three.

Piaf is a daffodil yellow with silver, yellow, and gold metallic shimmer.

It is a pretty yellow, and I like the finish, but I'm just not a fan of yellow polish. This one could have probably used a third coat as well, but not so much as Julie.

Jacqueline is a butter yellow creme, very pretty! I could get on board with this yellow!

This is two coats and was a little uneven. Maybe some thinner would have helped? Or just apply more coats in very thin layers, which is always best if you have the patience.

Neely is a pale sage green creme. It is much lighter than Bevin, which I know you're thinking of.

This was only one coat, nice!!

Blu is a pale sky blue creme.

Another one coater!!
As always, Zoya's collections go so well together! It's a bit hard to capture and perhaps would have been better with one of the metallic shimmers thrown in for contrast. I sponged Neely, Blu, and Jacqueline together for some fresh nail art.

You can purchase these for $8 each on Zoya's website.
Which are your favorites?


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