Friday, January 11, 2013

What Color are Your Undies?

 Today I have the Polished Components Underwear collection. The line is designed to be beautiful on its own, but also to work perfectly as underwear for glitter or another fun topcoat.

Here are all the colors together: Granny Panties, Crotchless, G-String, Bikini, Booty Shorts, Control Top, Thong

Control top is a shimmery nude frost that's a bit goldy.

 This is two coats. I thought I would fall in love with this one, as I'm toying with more nudes lately, but I'm just really picky about frosts. They're my least favorite finish. The formula was good except for the seemingly inevitable brush strokes from a frost.

G-String is a golden yellow orange with gold microflakies

 The city of gold! This is a really pretty color, and I always love the microflakie finish.

Granny Panties is a bright blue shimmer

I love what she says in the description of this polish: "Wearing granny panties never looked so sexy!"

 Booty Shorts is purple with super shimmer in blue and pink that has an awesome depth to it.

I love this shimmer in thiiisss! It's almost like a jelly, a little sheer, but super packed with shimmer. This could probably do with 3 coats instead of 2.

And then, in the middle of swatching these (I didn't do them on the same day) I broke like a million nails. So I went to nubs lol.

Crotchless....I feel like this is somehow appropriate for this polish. This is a dark charcoal grey polish with duochrome pink and blue shimmer.
You don't even understand how powinyourfaceshimmercolorchangingduochrome this polish is.
For some reason the swatch nail shows it better. This is definitely not hidden shimmer. RAWR
Bikini is a shimmery almost metallic green with some microflakies

This reminds me a little of Zoya Logan.

Thong is a reddish pink super shimmer with pale pink flakies.

Like the others in this collection with microflakies, you can see them better in the shade.

 I really love her label. It looks very professional. I'm not crazy about how she has the  name of the polish on white paper on the bottle cap, but there really isn't much space to put it on a mini. She may not even sell minis much, as I don't see them listed in either of her shops.
My absolute favorite from this collection is Crotchless. Seriously a great polish.

You can buy Polished Components in her online store for $8 or Etsy for $8.75. She also sells all natural bath salts! Check out her blog and Facebook page too!!

Do you have any Polished Components? Which are your favorites?

These products were provided to me for my unbiased review.

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