Thursday, June 14, 2012

Starfish Hairpin

 I haven't done a crafty post in a while. With my wedding coming up in 9 days I've been making a million things. Pinterest is definitely your friend if you're planning a wedding. If you want to look at mine filled with wedding stuff instead of nail stuff, feel free. So here is how I maid hair accessories for my bridesmaids, and how you can too!
I saw these starfish hairpins and immediately wanted them for my bridesmaids. When I looked up where to buy them $14 a piece = $70 for one bridesmaid! Cute, but no way. So I set out to make my own.

 I found these rhinestone starfish for a little over $1 a piece on Etsy. They were cheap, cute, bam! They really don't have that brassy tone to some parts of them in person...probably the reflection of my orange camera. You can use all sorts of things instead of starfish - beads, buttons, old earrings, charms, anything!

I tried making these complicated wire swirls like I have on some of my hair things, but that was just too hard. So I just hot glued them to bobby pins! If it's just a decorative hair piece and not actually holding hair, you can hide the bobby pin, so no big deal! Hot glue isn't crazy about sticking to metal, so the first one I made popped off. If you squeeze the hot glue so that it goes all the way around both the bobby pin and the back of the metal bar, it stays together great! If whatever you're making a hair accessory out of doesn't have a metal bar and is just flat metal, you might want to give it a trial run or use a different glue.

I just threw my hair up to simulate a wedding updo (feel free to laugh) so I could see what it would look like. See!?! They look awesome! And more like $6 a bridesmaid instead of $70!! I love cheap crafting!

Don't let me forget to update this with pictures of them actually wearing them at my wedding! :D :D
Aaannnd here they are :D
Here is my Bridesmaid (SIL) and Matron of Honor (sister) wearing them. The picture is so pretty I couldn't make myself crop it, but you can see the hair pieces better if you click on the picture. 
 Here is my SIL wearing them :).


  1. These are so stinkin cute!

    1. Thanks! I would make some for you guys after my wedding, but I already gave away all my secrets of where to get the stuff lol :P.

  2. I loved your pinterest! And I am really happy for you and your fiancé! I hope everything goes well and lovely ^__^ Don't forget to keep us informed with everything! And photos!!! :D I'm so anxious to see you as a bride! :D

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