Monday, June 25, 2012

Daring Dahlia

The more I look at this color the more I like it. I'm honestly not into super bright pinks usually. Meet Daring Dahlia by Barielle.
This is a gorgeous bright hot floral pink with purple and pink shimmer. 

It is SO cute and the shimmer is really easy to see in person. 

I love it when my polish happens to match my outfit. I never have enough time or care enough to actually change it to match. And seeing as though I just got married, I thought I'd throw in a little ring bling :D!

You can buy Barielle polishes for $8 on their site. You get %15 off for registering with your email, and they're pretty much always buy one get one 50% off! Ulta also sells them and you can use their coupons if you'd prefer to buy them in person. Check out their Facebook page too! 

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