Friday, June 29, 2012

Guest Post: Sparkly Tips

Today I have a guest post for you from my friend Ashley at Polished Components. I'm jealous of her OPI glitters! ~ Megan

Today is another fun set of tips from me.  I know you have seen several like this in the past from me, but I just love the look.  I think I really started to like the look when I went to get my morning bagel, and the lady working there has fake nails.  But her tips are always a fun and bright sparkly color.  So since mine have gotten to longer lengths I wanted to do some fun tips too.  
 We have a picture in sunlight and with shade.  This is OPI Show it and Glow it.
Now while I do this free hand, there are several ways to help you achieve a straight line.  Scotch tape, there are also actual french tip stickers that can be found at most places with a beauty selection.  Also cleaning up with remover when you are done is an option, even though I refuse to do clean up:)   I love this look since it tends to make my nails look even longer than they actually are.   

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post on my fabulous tips.  See you soon and stop by to say hi.


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