Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Man

So when Jeremy painted my toes for Memorial Day, I painted his! I usually do give him a manly pedicure just trimming his toes, filing, and doing the cuticles. He never even lets me put a clear coat or anything on. He told me his nails were peeling, so I buffed them a little and convinced him to let me use a clear nail treatment on him to help his toes. I used Barielle Fortifying Nail Builder. Since I had already painted the clear on his toes, he didn't even notice as I was painting them again...

I got all the base colors done before he even noticed! I call it the ninja tactic...distraction and quick reflexes. Then after he exclaimed, I convinced him it would look worse if I didn't finish the nail art :D.

I used Manglaze Royal Mattermoaning for his other toes. For the flag I used WetNWild White Out, China Glaze Hey Sailor (red), and Zoya Breezi (blue). I really needed a new plain white, but this one was just okay. It was a little uneven and streaky, and of course he wouldn't let me do a second coat.
Here is a close up of the nail art I did by hand. I added a matte top coat to make it match the rest after a while, but it still smeared the red. I love it!

Have you ever polished your man? Do you want to?


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this! haha, my boyfriend hardly lets me get close enough to do this :P

    1. Try the nail treatment thing! They even make a matte nail envy if he prefers matte, or matte top coat on top of the treatment. "Hunny it's good for you, and no one will notice. You don't want funky feet do you?" :D :D :D

  2. My husband is amazing at letting me give him MANicures, but I think that we're quite lucky as many of my friends guys wouldn't let them within 10 feet of their nails with a polish. My hubby's fave is Black with a matte topcoat. Would love it if you would also take a look at my nail blog

  3. LOVE IT!! With one exception, one time, I have only ever applied nail polish to a man's nails.... mine! But I would rather find a girl and trade jobs with her... I'll paint her toes if she'll paint mine!


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