Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ManGlaze Super Haul

 So I won this super huge ManGlaze giveaway forever ago. I knew I wanted to do a post with all the labels and everything, and it just took me ages to get around to taking so much time to edit pictures. So here is my haul, and you'll be seeing these swatches around! Thanks again ManGlaze and Lacquered Lover!
I got Fuggen Ugly, ILF, Lesbihonest, Santorum, Matte is Murder, Mink Mitten, Royal Matterimoaning, and Fuck Off and Dye

Here you can see the name of the polish matched up with the color. They're of course in the same order.
I got the package directly from ManGlaze, and they sent some awesome swag: guitar pick, business cards, post-its, awesomeness.
Here are the label pictures I put together from all 4 sides of the bottle so you can see the whole thing in all its glory.



Fuggen Ugly

Fuck Off and Dye

Matte is Murder


Mink Mitten

Royal Matterimoaning 
Isn't their art interesting? ManGlaze is a pretty awesome brand. You should like their Facebook page because they're just hilarious. That's also the cheapest place to buy ManGlaze from then, as it's already discounted 10% at $11.82 with a couple colors selling for $5.99.


  1. Congratulations! These are gorgeous! Can't wait for swatches btw :p

    Share the love ♥ ;

  2. I did use Royal Mattermoaning on my post for yesterday!

  3. AH! You got the new Fuck Off and Dye label! I so want it as a poster! Be warned, now that you've got some of the ManGlaze you're going to be compelled to buy the rest! I absolutely LOVE Matteastrophe, I find it doesn't get the little white spots some other Matte topcoats do. Mayonnaise is also the most gorgeous matte winter white! Love all the extra swag too! GAH! I love MG! Congrats!

  4. Great post! Love how you put the labels together too. Can't wait to see your swatches. I need me some ManGlaze!


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