Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest Post: Starfish Gradient

Our wedding had a naturey beach theme to it, so Alexis did a gorgeous starfish manicure for us! This is a picture my uncle took of the very beginning of our wedding. You can see my father giving me away, and the starfish in my bridesmaids' hair. Thank you so much Alexis. ~ Megan

Hi everyone! My name's Alexis and I'm extremely excited to be over on Megan's blog today! Thanks so much Megan for allowing me to do a post for you, I feel honored!
So, keeping in mind Megan is having a beach themed wedding I wanted to do something that sort of signifies or at least relates to the beach and weddings. I adored her cute starfish hairpins she showed on her blog for her bridesmaids so I took that into consideration and actually ended up doing my mani around the starfishes. I had one idea which turned into another which turned into this, overall I'm happy with it but I hope you all and Megan like it!
I know gradients were a big thing and they're sort of dying down now but I thought to myself, "What's a beach mani without an ocean inspired gradient?", do you all agree? I think the teal and blue combined with the white really brings to mind the ocean and well you already know about the starfish! :) I added a flakie topcoat just to give it some extra "special" and I thought it went along with the beach theme great!
Colors Used: Wet n' Wild - French White Creme 2 coats, (gradient from light to bright blue) Sinful Colors - Mint Apple, NYC - Water Street Blue, (accent nail) Starfishes are SC - Mint Apple and NYC - Water Street Blue, dots are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Pacific Blue, Essie - Shine of the Times 1 coat, NYC In a New York Minute - Top Coat 2 coats.
I reallllyyy hope you all enjoyed this beach mani, I know I had so much fun stopping by! Thanks again Megan for having me, and thank you lovely readers for well, reading! :D  Also, I hope you and your (soon to be or already is depending on the date the post goes live) husband the best! Awww I love weddings! haha :)
- xoxo Alexis Leigh


  1. love the mani and I love the Beach wedding! Your Gown is so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous nails! Great job Alexis!

  3. I especially love the colours in the gradients, and the starfish are super cute!


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