Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guest Post: Trophy Wife

I'm getting married today and some lovely people have offered to help me out with guest posts. I can't wait to share details and pictures with you. Thank you so much for following me all this way! Here is a lovely guest post for you guys so I can enjoy the day spend time with my new husband. There will be quite a few more guest posts and scheduled posts from me to come while we're on honeymoon. Mandy picked a perfect polish with a perfect name for the occasion! - Megan
Hi there!  It's Mandy, from Mandy's Polish.  I am excited to be guest posting today for Megan.  I have been following her blog for a while now and love all the generous things she does.  I wanted to share a polish with you that is great for summer and the work place.  Right now summer is all about the neons, but some people may not be able to wear those colors to work, heck, they may just not be into neons at all.  I love this pink, it's very pretty and not too out there.  This is Trophy Wife from China Glaze, what do you think?
Thanks for having me Megan!!!

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  1. This would be a color my mom could wear. Not many colors look good on her, but this one would be perfect for her skin tone. Thanks!

    You've been tagged! I thought it was a lot of fun so I hope you'll participate :D
    See it here:


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