Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girly Bits Sailor's Delight

 I honestly think this might be my new favorite polish. This is Girly Bit's Sailor's Delight. "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning." My fiance is a sailor too, so it's extra special!

 My kitchen and sunroom both have an autumn color scheme, and this lovely red orange polish reminds me how much I love that!

Sailor's Delight is a gorgeous red orange jelly with gold and red regular and glassfleck shimmer. It is definitely more red that orange, but what I love about this color the most is that it really is red orange. Not red, and not orange. It's a unique and beautiful color!

The shimmer is definitely not subtle and really gives this polish something special.
Here you can see the soft jelly finish. I think it's a great touch. This polish would be great for glitter jelly sandwiches. There is some visible nail line after three coats, but not much at all. I think it's a very sophisticated look and I like vnl when it looks right.
Here is a close up of that lovely irregular gold and red shimmer.

I cannot get over this polish! I love how Girly Bits is an indie polish maker, not a big business. She is different than Lynderella and some other ones because she makes polishes of many different types and finishes (glitter, holo glitter, bar glitter, jelly, shimmer, duochrome, multichrome, etc) and I like that! You can order her polishes for $6 each on her blog.


  1. beautiful! i have yet to see a Girly Bits polish i don't like =)

  2. Red is always been a nice color for a nail paint. I find it very seducing LOL!


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