Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barielle Review Haul sent me some lovely polishes for review. You should contact them, because their review system is awesome. I got 3 polishes of my choice, 3 treatments of my choice (one at a time), and she even threw in 2 polishes from the new collection. I can't wait to swatch these!

I chose Positive Zen-ergy, Wool You Marry Me?, Cashmere or Loose Me, and they included Daring Dahlia, and Sky's the Limit.

They sent it in this cute little back with a key chain and a Barielle ribbon. I always appreciate cute and thoughtful packaging.

Positive Zen-ergy

Wool You Marry Me?

Cashmere or Loose Me

Daring Dahlia

Sky's the Limit

Barielle retails for $8, but always has sales going on, so check them out. They're also sold at Ulta and I have even seen them at Marshall's and other stores like that!


  1. These are adorable! I've never seen them on sale over here though which is really disappointing. I hear they don't test on animals too which is such a bonus!!!

  2. How cool! How do you contact them for their review system?

  3. I don't know, they contacted me! I have heard of people contacting them first with success though. The only contact I can find is


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