Monday, April 16, 2012

For the Kids: 2

I have gotten  6 packages for the polish donation since the last update! Thank you so much Jody Alu from SoFlaJo, Yezenia H, Kelly Baas, Kim from Overall Beauty, and Jess Hall from LuvMyLacquer!

Look at all that stuff! There are nail decals, polishes, toys, eye shadows, lipstick, scented lotion, nail polish pens, files, so many things!

I'm going to highlight some of the interesting finds.

Confetti Party Palace Blue and this cool unnamed polish from Shades of the Season are apparently dupes.  Yezenia included lots from that brand and I've never seen it. Some of them were really cool!
Here are some more cool ones from Yezenia including more Shades of the Season, and more I have never seen before from Primark Beauty, Yves Rocher, and Depend. Interesting!

Kelly included a good unnamed holoish purple from WetnWild, Love&Beauty Coral which I so need in my life, and a nice glass fleck red Rimmel Hot Rock.
Kim was nice enough to send the kids two brand new BB Couture. I have never tried this brand and want to!
Jody included so many cool ones - The Color Workshop, Honybee Gardens Mocha Latte, Yria Prune has a really cool bottle shape, a salon franken with China Glaze Rated Holographic, Caress, Estee Lauder rose something lol, Sasatinnie, and a pretty Dawn. What cool brands! I really want a Yria now.
Thanks so much for helping ladies. I just dropped off all these goodies today and we're all excited! There are at least 80 polishes here, and we're loving the shadows and nail decals too! The notes some are sending are lovely too :). Keep em' coming!

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  1. Oh my gosh I have never seen so many amazing colors! The kids are going to have a blast trying to pick out which ones to wear first! Thanks for posting it on Facebook.. I was so glad I could send something..


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