Friday, December 28, 2012

Poinsettia Christmas Nails

Merry Christmas lovelies!
Obviously it's after Christmas, but it's really hard to get to a computer as I'm still visiting family. I just snapped a few quick pics of my Christmas mani!

I used Zoya Logan, Isla, Elisa, and Ziv. I mixed a little black with Isla for some lowlights, and mixed Ziv with Elisa for the berries.

The tips were inspired by this stamping plate I have (I think it's a Bundle Monster) that has little leaves and berries and reminds me of mistletoe.

Speaking of mistletoe...I found some real mistletoe at the garden center this year! There was more than enough, so I bagged some up for my mum and brought it 600 miles for her. Well my husband left it out to freeze in the car over night, and then it got squished 5 times, so now we have this:
Waa waaa waaaahhhh. It looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas mistletoe.

Here's my nail art close up.

So how did your Christmas go!?
We visited the in-laws first through Christmas Eve, then spent Christmas Day on with my family (and are still here).
Some of my favorite things that I got: huge canvas print of our wedding couple picture, a last name picture where each letter is an item that looks like that letter, gorgeous purple and multi-colored wool slippers with leaf designs on them, a Sephora gift card which I've already used once, a small tapestry with a giraffe numming some plants that was hand woven at a womens' shelter in Africa (adorable), some awesome stuff! We just got back from hiking in the Smokies today, which I haven't been able to do in ages. We're having a great time :).

I want to hear about your Christmas and see your nails!!

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  1. This is gorgeous!! I got Logan for Christmas and paired it with an OPI Goldeneye accent nail. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!


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