Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby All I Want for Christmas YOU! No seriously, you guys rock :D.

Please vote for me in this nail art contest!! I'm number 26!!

I did this for another nail art contest, for which the theme is Christmas gifts/presents/what you want for Christmas. I wanted to put my whole family on my nails...but that was too hard and not that pretty lol. So I was looking for ideas, and Subtle Shimmer says, well what do you really want for Christmas!?! I was like umm that would look dumb...a crockpot, some new jeans, this Columbia jacket, an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. She says do the palette. DUH! So I did :D. 
I picked out four of the colors, and did the front of the palette too so people could tell what it was lol.,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=12_1
Here is the palette. 6 nude matte shades...mmmm!!
 I used two coats of Zoya Shay for the palette. It kind of has a shimmer to it like the palette compared to the matte shadoes. W.O.S is Zoya Farah, Naked 2 is OPI Barefoot in Barcelona, Faint is Barefoot in Barcelona with a little China Glaze Call of the Wild mixed in. Crave is Zoya Noot. I used this awesome nail art pen my MIL got me as an early Christmas present for all the black lines. Even then I couldn't get it perfect, but I could get SO much more detailed than with my brush!

Fun fun!!
Don't forget to vote for me in the nail art contest!!

What do YOU want for Christmas? :D


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