Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 Sales

This will be the only time in ANY of our lifetimes that we'll see numbers like this!
12-12-12 12:12pm
Don't miss it! You could make a major wish :).

There are some good sales going on today too!

Their color sets are going for $20 and free shipping. That's $4 each! I recommend Dazzling Diamonds, New York Style, and Some Like it Hot!
They're also doing the buy one get one 50%, so add on your favorite lemmings!

22% off kits, 20% off store wide
I actually put some stuff in my cart and tried it out - The kits are already discounted, so the 20% off comes off of them too!!
This deal applies on all their sites - Apothica, SkincareRX, and Skin Botanica.

Find anymore? Let me know!!

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  1. 12-12-12 12:12! WOO HOO!


    ...unless you're not on the west coast. Then that doesn't work.


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