Saturday, December 15, 2012

Scapbooking Fun and Giveaway

 You know I love all things crafty! I really love scrapbooking, it's just hard for me to start and finish a project since it takes SO long. I found this scrapbooking software, My Memories, that is really fun to use though, and its easier because you don't have to sit at a big table with 23908 things out, glue, scissors, get all your pics printed, etc, etc. You can just sit at your computer, sip on your coffee without the worry of spilling it all over your paper, and do it. 

I didn't read a tutorial, help page, or anything to make these. I wanted to try it out from the perspective of a first time, without extra help and research, and see how user friendly it was. So anything I say about what it does or doesn't do is just my experience from my general use.
 I still haven't made our wedding scrapbook like I had planned to, so I thought I'd try out a wedding page! I made this with the My Memories scrapbooking suite.
This is a collage of the most important parts of our wedding ceremony with the actual wording we wrote. I made my own custom layout with this one. You can change the shape of the pictures, add shadows, embellishments, words, word art, and more. You can rotate things around and change the opacity too. 
Unfortunately you can't do much with the text boxes. I couldn't really rotate them or change the shape of them. You can make them follow a circle or square though.

Here is one of their premade templates. This one is for Christmas.

I used it to make a Christmas card!
You can see I repositioned some things, added smowflake, etc. This was fun! 

I went through lots of awesome things about the program above, so lets do some cons. 
I mentioned the text boxes aren't that versatile. Rotating is a super pain in the butt. It isn't smooth like Microsoft Word for example. You have to move the slider that makes it rotate, see where it lands, then micro-adjust it again. The entire program runs very slow like this. It isn't my computer, because I have a pretty fast computer. When choosing picture for my layout, it was faster to open the file with the pictures on my computer, memorize the number, scroll down to it in the program, and click it before the preview even uploaded.

You can make all sorts of things with this software: scrapbook pages you can put in a digital scrapbook online or have printed, photo books, cards, slideshows, invitations, stationary, or custom gifts like a mug for grandma. I love that you can export the files as a jpegs and put them on Facebook!

The My Memories scrapbooking software sells for $39.97. If you use my coupon code: STMMMS46363, you can get $10 off that price, and an additional $10 to spend in the My Memories store to buy things like different scrapbook paper, stickers, etc. 

Sound like fun? Then enter to win a free copy!!

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  1. Merry Christmas & Snow Dreams are my favorites!

  2. Right now, I'm digging Umbrellas and Puddles, but it's prolly because we've had weeks of rain here, so I'm in the mode, as it were. They're all cute, though.


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