Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sea Lore Wintry Friends Collection!

Today I have swatches of the new Sea Lore Wintry Friends collection for you! I love how it was all inspired by arctic animals!

Arctic Otter is a medium brown polish packed with bronzey gold shimmer and bronze glitter in squares and small rectangles, small silver hexes, and medium brown hexes.

This was two coats and topcoat and the formula was great.

See the rectangular one? I love unique glitters like these!

Snowy Seal is a metallic greyed silver polish with large hexes in silver and black, small hexes in black and white, and very fine multi-colored shimmer.

This is two coats with topcoat. The formula was great, but it's a top coat muncher.

  It really does look like a spotted baby seal!!

Glacial Grayling is a dark grey blue polish filled with rainbow microglitter and shimmer and medium squares in all sorts of colors!

This is two coats. Great formula, but a top coat muncher. 

I lluuurrvvee the squares! This is my favorite polish in the collection.

 Wintry Whale is a blue jelly polish with blue/purple/silver shimmer, medium white squares, small white rectangles, and small pale blue hexes.

This is two coats. I love the jellyness of it. It's only a bit of a topcoat muncher.

Love all the different glitter shapes!!

Beluga Blizzard is a topcoat with multi-colored shimmer, small white hexes, and tiny white hexes.

This is one coat of Beluga Blizzard over China Glaze Adventure Red-y. It gives such a Christmas flair and a frosty finish with that shimmer!

Here is Beluga Blizzard with two coats by itself, one coat over Wintry Whale, over Glacial Grayling, and over China Glaze Adventure-Redy.
Love her polishes? Check out Sea Lore's Facebook and browse her shop!
Her full size polishes are $10 and her larger minis are $5.50. I also lloovvee her polish rings, and she makes earrings now too!

These products have been provided to me for my unbiased review.

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