Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lavish Lacquer Polished Universe Collection

 A really good friend of mine started her own nail polish line! It's so awesome to see someone's dream come true like this! If you want it, you can make it happen ladies!
Meet Lavish Lacquer!
 This is her Polished Universe collection! I thought this was a fun idea for a collection. It's nice to see an indie do something other than all chunky glitters. I totally forgot to topcoat any of these though - sorry!

Starlight Galaxy is a charcoal polish that's holo in three different ways! It has a light linear holo, holo glitter, and scattered holo. I think the linear holo would be stronger, but the other stuff in it cuts up the lines of rainbows. It's super fun that it's all three though!

This was two coats, and was honestly one of my favorites!

Along the Milky Way is a super glittery purple polish with small purpley pink hexes, holo shimmer, and shimmer that flashes silver, gold, yellow green, and even blue in dimmer light!

This is two coats. I love the way the pink hexes stand out, and you can really see the blue flash here! That makes it really unique!

Alien Party makes me giggle lol! It's a sheer super bright neon green polish with lime green shimmer. This is two coats over white, Barielle Central Park, black, and China Glaze Gaga for Green.

It almost hurts my eyes over white, so I deem it a neon. Seriously my camera even had trouble with it! I like how this can be a versatile polish! The shimmer is really nice. I should have tried it over something totally different like purple! It is very sheer and looks like shimmery highlighter without undies :P.

Holo lovers delight! Neptune's Rings is an electric blue scattered holo polish.
This is two coats and it went on great!

Life on Mars is a hot pink leaning a bit more red with pink and gold shimmer.
This is a smooth one! All of her polishes were very smooth except the two more glittery ones, which I'm sure would only need a standard top coat even though I forgot one!

I like her polishes! I have to say I especially like the glittery ones, but Alien Party is one of my favs too. I love how it changes depending on what you layer it over. I absolutely adore her labels! I love anything naturey and viney.
She also has a super awesome cosmetic grade linear holo top coat and pigment, and an awesome new purple/blue glass fleck polish I really want!!

Check out Lavish Lacquers Etsy shop and Facebook page!
Her polishes are $8.50 for a regular size and $5.50 for a mini. 


  1. Woah. I love every polish in this collection. I haven't really jumped on the Indie train because I'm not a huge glitter fan, and like you said, they all seem to stem that way.

  2. Wow!!! These nail colors are so stunning!! Love them all for I find them elegant and classy. Perfect for different occasions.


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