Saturday, March 3, 2012

China Glaze Electropop Swatches

Electropop is China Glaze's super bright Spring 2012 collection! It's full of lights, brights, and almost neons. I actually won this in a giveaway! I really didn't think I would like this collection that much, but as I was swatching them I liked them more and more. Jeremy picked out Sunshine Pop, the yellow, for my fingers just to be weird since it's not a color I normally wear, and I have gotten 4 compliments! Wild! He also painted me toes with Gaga for Green, which I'll post later :P. 

So here we have them!
Gaga for Green is a super bright limey grass green creme.

Sometimes it looks freaky bright neon, and sometimes more subdued yellow green like this pic. 

Sunshine Pop is a bright dandelion yellow with subtle silver shimmer.

Sunshine Pop was actually spelled Sunchine Pop on my bottle lol :P.

Here you can see the shimmer. It isn't very noticeable in person except to nail addicts who examine polish up close like we do.

Fuchsia Fanatic is an pinky fuchsia creme that has tones of hot pink and raspberry.

This looks so cute on and is actually more unique that I thought it would be. In my stash of nearly 300 polishes, my biggest color section being pink, I didn't have a dupe. 

Wicked Style is a light strawberry pink that slightly hints at coral in some lights. 

What a cute and not run-of-the-mill pink. 

Make Some Noise is a pink orange coral with cherry red/pink tones.

She is my favorite of the bunch and I really love corals lately. It's actually one of my wedding colors! She is a little more cherry and less coral than I expected, but still coral. 

Dance Baby is a bright powder barbie pink. 

Sometimes she's an overexposed bright white pink, and sometimes a creamy girly girl that makes me think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. 

Gothic Lolita is a rosey red-toned purple with duochrome silver to blue shimmer. 

The shimmer does show in person, but not a whole lot. It adds depth and interest rather than an obvious shimmer. 
Here is a closeup of the shimmer that you can see close to the cuticle line where the most light hits. It's a bit more obvious in person.

Sweet Hook is a pale pink-toned light purple creme. 

This definitely matches my idea of a Spring color because it makes me think of Easter pastels. 

Aquadelic is a super bright robin's egg blue with a tinge of teal creme, which sort of defines aqua anyway :P. 

Sometimes she's rich and chill like above, or super bright like in this pic!

Kinetic Candy is a pale baby boy blue creme. 

Kinetic Candy is like Sweet Hook's blue sister, but with more pigment. 
Electric Beat is a really pretty dusty medium blue creme.

Makes me think of blue jeans!

Techno is a re-release silver holographic glitter topcoat with medium hex and tiny round glitter. This is one coat over Aquadelic. 

Ahh, check out the rainbow. This polish is SO glittery and bright. Like a disco ball! This is one coat over Wicked Style.

You can really see the whole rainbow across your nail, no matter what light you're in. This is one coat of Techno over Sweet Hook.

All of these polishes are so versatile and really show different sides in different lights. I actually did one coat with almost all of these swatches (except the pale cremes) and there was barely and VNL. Some of them look like jellies and have that kind of finish, but aren't quite sheer enough for something like a glitter sani. I really love most of these polishes! Which are your favorites?


  1. I looked at these Thursday, but picked up something else I will have to go back! Nice colors :)

  2. This is a great collection! I got Gothic Lolita for Valentine's Day but I want to go to Sally's to pick up a few others. Nice swatches!

  3. Really nice collection. I want the green and coral ones


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