Monday, June 6, 2011

Party Nails!

There were my party nails a while ago when I went to a Pure Romance party. Yes ladies, I purchased a few things :D. Nothing too exciting....unfortunately lol! Ever been? They're fun.

 This is Zoya Caitlin with one coat of WetNWild Party of Five Glitters. Po5G is an awesome topcoat to add some party flair. It's a totally clear base with medium silver hexagonal glitter, small pink hexagonal glitter, small round red glitter, small round green glitter, and small hexagonal glitter that flashes both light blue and green. 

Not only is Po5G awesome, but it's a great frankening supply as well. The frankening craze has been sweeping across Nail Polish and Gossip (Message me on FB if you can't request to join, we'd love to have you). 
Jennifer Prewitt made this one (right) for me after I saw her original (left) and swooned over it. That shade of green is my favorite color ever!!!
 Liz Navarette made this one! Gorgeous, no? We've all been inspired lately. 

Sarah from Samarium's Swatches made one too!

I made one, more shimmery than glittery. I tried the glitter thing and it just looked chunky and eew. I'll have to try some more frankening. My first one didn't go so bad though! I'll have to blog about it so you can help me name it ;).


  1. you forgot to include mine which inspired most of the people you posted :P hahaha

    i think that making that franken was the best idea i ever had. i've swapped 4 bottles now because people love it so much!

  2. You're so right Rebecca! I think it all started when Sarah saw it and posted a link and tried to make one like it, then came up with her pink one, then someone made a purple one, then someone made a green one, then I made a different franken and so did someone else. You gave us franken fever! I love yours and it totally looks like DL's Glitter In the Air.

  3. I agree Rebecca SO gave us Franken Fever!! <3 I bought a bunch of stuff to make tons more frankens with :D


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