Saturday, June 18, 2011

OPI Absolutely Alice and Mad As A Hatter

I got some awesome polishes lately! Absolutely Alice I am in love with and will have to keep, but Mad As A Hatter I can part with for its Ebay price right now :D. As for AA, I can't wait to crackle this bitch!!
Bottle pic
Absolutely Alice is a bright blue slightly tealish base absolutely packed with blue microglitter and gold shimmer. It does look like the gold is ever so slightly smaller than the blue, and it is more sparse. It has full coverage and two coats and was not gritty!
Two coats no top coat. It really is not gritty and was surprisingly like 95% smooth. 

Close up

On the nail, yes this is my nail wheel nail lol

Blurred to show shimmer

Now for MAAH!!! OPI Mad As A Hatter is a very hard to find discontinued polish. It has a clear, almost slightly gray tinted, base packed with loads of glitter. The glitter colors I detected were silver, green, pink, blue, purple, and orange.The base, and therefore the overall polish to an extent, appears more purple tinted and certain angles. I find this happens more in the bottle than on the nail. The coverage was a little bit difficult, but not bad. I used three coats. I think it was just hard because I was so excited to apply the next coat I didn't wait for it to dry long enough lol!!!
 Bottle pic. Not this dark irl but shows glitter colors

 This pic seems to bring out the red and green glitter and accentuates the resemblance to Funky Fingers Icicle Lights

On the nail, yes it's my nail wheel :P. 

So what do you think? Do you have these already? Are you lemming these? Would you pay more than $8.50 for them since they're now hard to find?


  1. honestly, I would NOT pay more than 8.50 for MAAH...I personally don't like it. I would buy it if i ever saw it cause I know how highly sought after it is, but I wouldn't want it for myself...AA on the other hand. however, Milani Blue Gleam has helped squash that lemming.

  2. Your MAAH looks really Silvery :-S I hope u got these from a reputable seller because there are some really sketchy fakes being sold that look like the real thing but they are not. :(. They are cheap replicas made with questionable materials imported from who knows where. I have a really close up macro shot of what MAAH really looks like and AA I say compare and make sue they look the same if not contact this person about getting your $$ back.

  3. Yea Jen lol. I /like/ MAAH but I don't love it. So hopefully someone will want to take it off my hands.

    Cris I got it for less than retail price from a girl on Craigslist. If she sold it to me for more I might be suspicious, but because she didn't I feel like there was not motivation to make a fake. It does show more purple in the bottle I just feel like it doesn't count because that's not what I see on the nail unless I try.

  4. They look fantastic - I'd pay for it!

  5. i have finally given up on getting MAAH. it's too pricy for me. i doubt i'll ever get absolutely alice, either. lol

  6. Nope, I don't have either one. I had AA once in my hand and wondered if I should buy it but decided not to buy it (European prices, you know!). But I do like AA.I just don't wear glitters so much that I would like to pay a lot for either one.


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