Sunday, June 12, 2011

My First Pedi

My amazing boyfriend bought me my first pedi for my birthday! He said I could even take a friend :D. Don't our toes look fab?

We used Zoya Rica and Zoya Drew!

Here I am on the way to my first pedi ever! Lookin' cute to match my toes lol.

First we got a nice foot soak! It was so freaking awesome and mentholy. The jets were probably the best part. And we also got to sit in awesome massagy chairs :D.

Then we get the trim and file and all that (my leg is so not that fat it's the perspective lol).

Then we got a salt scrub and a mud mask with hot towels. They also did the callous gel with the pumice stone. Later that day I rubbed my feet though, and they did feet a bit smoother, but still hard. I still have pretty serious callouses : /. And I was really sad because my friend got a foot massage and I didn't. Someone else did mine : /. It was my birthday pedi!!I know it's silly, but I'm one to dwell on things lol.

Well then we got the polish.

Then we sat under these cool alien drier lights (can you tell I have never had a pedi before?).

And now we have pretty toes! Yay!!!

Have you ever had a pedi? Do you get them regularly? Is it worth it?


  1. your pedi is fancier than the ones I usually get :D pedis are nice then you can do maintence

  2. I've never had a real pedicure. I'm going for my first at the end of the month with my best friend. I can't imagine letting someone fuck around with my feet!

  3. Yea it was a spa pedicure since it was my first and for my birthday. It was nice, but I'm really surprised it didn't help my callouses very much at all :).

  4. i had one done in college. It looked almost the same as you had but i don't think i will have another. My feet are just too ticklish. I could not relax i was to focused on not kicking the poor woman in the face!

  5. I love pedicures, except sometimes when the "pedicurist" chops your legs, it kind of hurts haha

  6. i got my first one on my 30th grandma bought me a mani/pedi type thing...i didn't so much like the mani part of it, and the girl chopped my nails all off, but the color was amazing!!! Getting a pedi from those little ladies is good for when you just reallly don't wanna do it yourself.

  7. I haven't ever had one, part of me is curious and wants one but then the thought of somebody touching my feet freaks me out D:


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