Monday, June 13, 2011

Super OPI Haul

 That's right! Shabam! Totally found this deal on Craigslist. You should check yours, just in case. 
Moose liked the bag they came in.
He tried to get in it, but it was too small :-/.

Want to know the best part of the deal? She had Mad As A Hatter...and had no idea how much it was worth. 
Look and weep ladies. I'm totally selling this bitch on ebay!

I have already promised some of these away to my friends, but the others that I don't want are up for trade or sale!
So the entire list includes:
Dazzle Me - Amber P
Isn't it Romantic? - Kati P
DS Mystery - Me
A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find - Destany P
Sea Ya Later Sailor - Ashley Kersey or Debby L
Miami Beet - Jennifer R
Paint Your Mojitoes Red - Sorry Debby can't part with this one lol
Sahara Sapphire - Ashley K
Royal Rajah Ruby - Jen P
Light My Sapphire - Kati P
La Paz-Itively Hot - Kati P
Sweet as Annie-Thing
Party in My Cabana - Amber P, you should love me lol
Barefoot in Barcelona - (2) Me and Crystal W
Absolutely Alice - Me
Off With Her Red 
Mad as a Hatter - Make me an offer ;)
Didgeridoo Your Nails - Debby L
Jewel of india - Kristin K
Senorita Rose-alita - Me
Manicurist of Seville - Lindsay H 
Meet and Jingle
Mauving to Manitoba

Electric Eel - Debby L or Ashley K
Thanks So Muchness - Debby L
Halloween minis with no names
  Orange - Debby L
  Glow in the dark - Debby L
  Purple glow in the dark - Me
Start to Finish Base and Top Coat
Top Coat - Me
Zippy bag with hot chicks on it that the polishes came in

So the ones without names next to them are still up for grabs. That leaves Start to Finish Base and Top Coat, Meet and Jingle, Off With Her Red, Sweet as Annie-Thing, and Mauving to Manitoba.You can ask me on Facebook or email me at 

Here are some bottle pics of some of them.
 Absolutely Alice

 Mad As a Hatter

 Barefoot in Barcelona 

 Dazzle Me

 Digeridoo Your Nails

 Purple halloween mini

 Electric Eel

 Royal Rajah Ruby

 La Paz-itively Hot

Sweet As Annie-Thing


  1. "Absolutely Alice" and "Mad As A Hatter"... oh my goodness, you have stumbled upon something GREAT! :D


    As far as I know AA doesn't sell for half as much as MAAH, so I think I'll just keep that one cause it's fab and I love glitter. MAAH though....psh I want that cash. It's looking like $30 on Ebay right now.


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