Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jewelry Made with Nail Polish! - GingerKitty Designs

I was one of GingerKitty's giveaway winners! Follow her on Facebook and visit her Etsy store to see more polish jewelry! I won the gorgeous necklace that she made painted with Clarins 230, or as we bloggers and polish lovers call it, Unicorn Pee. It's so rare it's like having a bottle of Unicorn Pee :P.

How cute is her packaging right? It came way before I thought it would and arrived all cute like in this! She even bubble wrapped around it, and put it in a bubble mailer, just in case :).

I snapped a quick pic for ya'll in the car with my cellphone, so I wasn't even trying and look how good it looks then!
So this is basically what it looks like on a bad day :P. I took loads of pictures of it just hanging around my neck, and a few tilted just the right way to show all the other colors. I think it's really important to note what it looks like just wearing it, since that's what you see most of the time. These are the necklace just around my neck, so it totally looks this gorgeous all the time!!!

Here are some other ones trying to capture all of its beauty.

This last one is with flash, but wow.

I make jewelry myself, so I can say with confidence that her product is definitely quality. It is made well and put together sturdily so that it isn't going to break in like a week. The the top of the pendant is in a super cute scroll heart pattern, which I love. It's really smooth and fabulous and that pendant doesn't feel loose or like the front is going to come off or anything at all. I probably wouldn't wear it in the shower, but I don't normally wear my jewelry in the shower or pool anyway, so we're good there. The only remotely negative thing I could ever have to say about this piece is that the chain makes a faint noise when I move and the pendant slides around slightly - and that noise is annoying. It's like a soft metallic scraping noise. Other than that, this necklace is amazing and perfect! Thank you so much Tracey for the gorgeous polish piece!

She makes all sorts of jewelry related items from nail polish, and can use any polish you want. Check out her Etsy store! She does jewelry with loads of different brands and types of polish, including glitter, flakies, linear holos, shatter, and even Konad patterns. Some of my favs are (click on pic to go to item):

I could list like 10 more things, but go check for yourself and tell me what you like! I want to know if you buy anything too because I'm totally considering it :P.

Love it?


  1. Yes LOVE IT! I can't decide what to purchase first...earrings, braclet or necklace.

  2. I know right....She gave me a coupon code :X. I'll have to ask her if I'm allowed to give it out. I meant to ask! I really like it all....maybe earrings next for me?

  3. I am so glad you love the pendant/necklace. I have a coupon code on my blog - anyone is free to use that one!


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