Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tronica Patchwork

I went to Sally's and found a few Tronicas straggling behind. Not sure why I waited so long to pick them up! All I need now from my wishlist as far as Tronicas is 3D Fantasy. I got them 2 for $10, so good deal! This month pretty much all their polish is buy 2 get 1 free. Fun fun! I got Laser Lime, Techno Teal, and Virtual Violet. I couldn't decide which one to use, so I wanted to use them all at least a little lol.

Sorry that a bunch of my pics aren't super clear. Guess I had the shakes that day lol...
I wanted something that I haven't done before, but that was still pretty quick. I've been feeling lazy lately lol. I tried out a little patchwork accent nail using scotchtape, which the fabulous Chloe's Nails is so well known for.
Polish, SV, make sure it's dry, tape, next color, SV, make sure it's dry, continue...Cool huh?

They honestly looked cute even without the patchwork pizazz. Techo Teal is a little more on the blue side than teal to me though. Laser Lime is super fun and took 3 coats. Techno Teal, and assumedly Virtual Violet, was a great two coater. I kind of messed up the wear by taking a hot shower after I did them...yea lol. As far as the holo goes, here's what I think: These polishes are freaking gorgeous, but honestly...hardly even a good scattered holo. Given in the 2 days I wore this we had like no sun. But it's important to me what a polish looks like all the time, not just in the best case scenario. These looked more like silvery shimmers with a bit more excitement to me, not holos. BUT they're still super gorgeous, just not very holo-y.

Here's some cloudy sun after some wear is showing, the best I could get.
Don't mind the ring finger wrinkle around the edges. Doesn't that happen to you sometimes? I think it's when I get the polish on my skin on the side of my finger and don't get it off just right. Your finger kind of moves closer and farther away from your nail there as you move and makes it look weird later. Clean up is so not the biggest deal to me. Can you tell? :D


  1. Yeah, the Tronica is not as holo-y as they claimed, but I still love them. I like the shimmerthey give off! awesome job. I think I may copy! :D

  2. super jealous!
    i only managed to get electra magenta and gamer glam.
    i wish i had techno teal! that's the one i wanted most.
    electra magenta is crazy holo in the sun, btw!

  3. Looks great I was hoping next time I go to Sally's I could find 3D Fantasy and maybe Digital Dawn...makes me wish I would have gotten them when I picked up my others!

  4. i just picked them all up at my local sally's. your patchwork looks great.

  5. Jen - Do copy! I would actually love to see manis that people do inspired by things that I do.

    Ladies let me know if you want me to pick anything up for you if I find them. I'd be happy to ship them to you for only what I paid. I wouldn't make money off such good friends :D.

  6. Actually I'm in the same spot with the Crackle Glazes I want. I waited too long and now I can't find them. Tronicas and Crackle Glazes are sold super cheap online but they've been out of stock for AGES!

  7. Crackle Glaze is going to become a permanent collection at Sally's! So don't worry, you'll get them eventually!

  8. You did a good job! I haven't tried any of my Tronicas~

  9. Thanks ladies!

    And Rebecca, how do you know? That would be awesome!


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