Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Skittle of Indecision

Looking at my pretty new Zoyas from the buy one get one promo they did recently, I just couldn't decide which to use first. I got Rica, Reva, Faye, Keiko, Breezi, and Areej. 3 from each collection, not counting the ModMattes. I love me some shimmers, so I knew my first had to be from the Sunshine Collection (Reva, Rica, Kimmy, Tanzy, Faye, Apple). Reva was my favorite from the swatches I had looked at before ordering, but Rica was calling my name too. So I did my first skittle and used both!!

I'm not really happy with my nails right now. They're breaking so much I can't keep them square, so they're kind of in between. I just started taking nail vitamins and using Orly Nailtrition though, so we'll see how this works!
Here you can see which is which. Reva is more red, and Rica is more pink. I put Rica against my baby pink pajamas so you could see her coloring compared to a normal pink.
Rica is a glass flecked shimmer that is mostly pink with some coral/orange/copper flavor. It's hard to describe, but she is much more than your average pink - very soft and pretty.
Reva is a rich berry red glass flecked shimmer. I expected her to be a little more berryish with a hint of red violet (see above swatch link), but I'm still very happy with her. She definitely has a lot more character than a plain red and has a lovely deep color to her without being dark.
Here is an indoor pic for you so you can see the difference. No matter the light, these girls are always gorgeous. I got some compliments from the elderly ladies I work with!
Here is an outdoor and indoor bottle comparison. Gorgeous in the bottle and on the nail! The best of both worlds!!


  1. Oh they go so well together! :D

  2. Thanks for posting this! Helped me make my decision... I ordered Rica!

  3. Ooh I picked a good skittle?

    Amber I thought you ordered them well before this? Or you mean this made you even happier with your decision?


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