Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bundle Monster Contest: Half of My Heart is on Deployment

I entered the Bundle Monster nail art contest to win their new set of nail stamping plates. You can vote for anyone and everyone you like, once per day, from now until the 20th, by giving them a thumbs up on the contest page. Above is my entry photo, under Megan Rhoads so you can find me.
I'm super excited and really want to win, so click the link above to vote :). Remember you can vote for anyone you like each day, even if it's everyone.
On to the details of the manicure! I started by making a base that looks like Navy camo by sponging different colors together. Zoya Kelly was my first color, my palette to sponge on top of.

Then came Color Club Sheer Disguise. I have no idea why I keep coming back to this one. It must be awesome, because I don't even like blue much lol!

Next came China Glaze First Mate, the perfect navy blue.

Finally was Zoya Dove, a light gray creme.

After a topcoat of Seche Vite to make it dry quickly and even out the surface, it was perfect! It even brought out the colors and made it look instantly brighter. See how it looks kinda like the camo? That is the hat he wears to work. I have it hanging on his side of the bed on the bed post while he's gone.
After I had my camo base, I moved on to the stamping! I used Bundle Monster plates 2, 8, 9, and 12. Thank you to Miss Monkey for letting me borrow them to make sure I could enter the contest! I ordered my own recently, so now I have my own set too :D.
Here are my thumb stubs. I like both of them in ways. I think the left one would have been perfect if I had placed the kiss a little more up and to the right, so it overlapped the word less. And the hearts on the right one are super...not in the right place lol. The red wasn't showing up at all by itself on my semi-dark background, and I had to use red, so I tried doing it over white. As you can see above that worked well....most of the time.
For this manicure I used in order:
Orly Nailtrition (Used about 3 times now and liking it)
Zoya Kelly (dark gray)
A sponge paint brush thing that I found for super cheap. Just like at a hardware store.
Color Club Sheer Disguise (light blue)
China Glaze First Mate (navy blue)
Zoya Dove (light gray)
Seche Vite Quick Dry Topcoat
Bundle Monster plates 2, 8, 9, and 12
Konad Special Polish in White and Red
Diamond Cosmetics Silver Brocade (on chain and anchor)
Orly SecNDry



  1. I really love the sponged base. I know you weren't going for this, but the base reminds me of some fashionable acid wash jeans (:

  2. Oh wow! That's awesome :) It looks like you spent a lot of time on that too!

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Forever - I think it does too! But I guess the other stamping and things pull it towards the camo.

  4. This is awesome. I went and voted for you. It must be so hard having him be away from you. Good luck!

  5. Hi <3
    All you nail-bloggers have inspired me, so I have opened a nail-blog too! It would mean a lot to me if you take a look (And leave a comment even if my blog is on norwegian) <3 Big hugs from Thea (PS: Sry my bad english!)

  6. Thank you ladies!!! I won I won! Tell me if any of you won too, I want to know. We're already chatting about it on my Facebook page so head there!

    And Thea I love your nail art! I would love to be able to follow with Blogger as well, since both our blogs are based there.


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