Monday, April 18, 2011

My Stash Yo

I've been working on my stash post...finally right? I have started a list that you can see here and also at the "My Polish Stash" tab at the top of my blog.

I started with a caboodle to hold my polishes, moved to an awesome huge plastic container from Michael's that kept my stash portable.....Then I had an incident in my car where two of my brand new polishes broke and polish got on the seat of my brand new car. So that was the day I decided to make my stash stationary and just keep it in my house.
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I bought a Melmer, put it together, painted it up nice, added nicer handles, and beautified it. It really is nice. I kind of want a Helmer now though because I have to keep my other things related to polish (removers, frankening supplies, Zoya color plates, etc) in a separate box because there really isn't enough room to put it all in and keep it organized nicely. I'm not super happy with that. Don't worry, a post with a review on the Melmer, the changes I made to it, and how I organize my stash is coming. Just thought I'd give my readers a heads up and let you see the list I started. I have 211 polishes total and I'm still working on the list to add all those.


  1. I want to see what you did with it! Can't wait for your post.

  2. Ooh yay! I will so do it soon. I figured it was time for more polished nails posts. I have been slacking lately.

  3. will you put my stash in a spreadsheet :D I'll pay you in polish :D

  4. I so would! Do you already have a list somewhere? Or you could send me your whole stash and my payment would be playing with all your polishes :D. I am so totally coming to Cali by the way...The Bf promised :).

  5. Oh, but lists are such a double-edged sword! I made one for my blog and loved it at first - everything easily organized by color, brand, finish, etc.

    But then I kept buying, and buying, and buying... and now I hate updating the spreadsheet, as it's a reminder that I have a serious addiction. LOL!


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