Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pearly Present

Yay I got a package from Jeremy! I have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting for this. Things have been going on in Bahrain and they shut down communication for a while, and the post office for a week or more. It's finally here! He sent me some fun stuff for sure!

Fun food items that are super hard to get here or just cool and Bahraini: coconut powder (he knows I love cooking), orange lentils for my super awesome low cal soup, gum with Arabic writing cause I like gum and it's cool lol, Meltesers (English brand chocolate malted milk balls), Hula Hoops (English potato loop chip things :P), and an awesome Ed Hardy-looking beach towel that says "live to love" and "Bahrain". I live at the freaking beach now and didn't have a cool beach towel, until now. Jealous no? :D

AND he sent me something really special. I'm not sure if it's for my birthday (May 4th), our anniversary (May 20th), or a "just because I love you" gift. Either way I'm happy!
He sent me a lovely set of salt water pearls, and I think he's just excited for me to receive them as I am. The earrings are cultured teardrop pale cream pearls, and the necklace is a graduated strand of naturally occurring pale cream irregular pearls - naturally occurring like actually found at the bottom of the ocean instead of a farm. Freaking awesome!
So I'm kind of expanding my blog a little into the realm of other things I love. Not so much expanding as just feeling like I'm allowed to blog about other awesome things too. I figure "Painting Rainbows" can encompass all things creative, which includes nail polish, arts and crafts, jewelry and such :D. I just wanted to show off my pretties that I'm all excited about :D.
Do you like pearls? Do you have any pearls? Does it matter to you if they're real pearls, fake pearls, cultured pearls, or natural pearls? I have plenty of jewelry made with fake (glass, plastic, etc) pearls, but it's nice to have some real ones too!


  1. YAY! I am happy you finally got the package! Very nice stuff!

    I was about to say I don't have any pearls but then I started thinking that I actually have pearl earrings, which I have received as a gift a long time ago. I think last time I have worn them was at our wedding but nowadays I don't wear any earrings anymore so I don't really know what to do with them now.

  2. YAY!!! They are gorgeous, and look really lovely on you. In Australia we have Malteasers too! Sooo good, but I can't find them in the U.S

  3. How cool! The Pearls are so pretty too!

  4. Thank you ladies! He was so excited about these. I love that he does that. It means he really cares about what he's getting me and takes the time to think about it.

    Sarah there is this cute little English shop near where I live that sells loads of things I have never ever been able to find in America. I'm English, so I feel your pain lol. If you want a package of goodies from there let me know :D.


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