Saturday, April 9, 2011

OLPH Manicures

Remember the second package I got for the ladies at OLPH? Well Jen, they loved your nail stickers and cuticle gel.

Pat didn't want too much "fru fru" and was appalled when I suggested the shimmery top coat Color Club sent us lol. So I added just one pink heart sticker on each hand :D.
Mary's daughter comes to visit her nearly every day and helped me do some manicures. She picked out her mother's favorite color and painted her nails. I came behind with nail stickers and the top coat. How pretty!
Okay so this is the first time I had met this woman, so I can't put a name to the nails lol. She was waiting for ages to get her nails done and was very appreciative. She had the same color she always uses picked it, a Sally Hansen Diamond Strength...Champagne Toast I believe. Aren't those nail stickers just gorgeous? I want those ones! Instant pretty white lace look.
Dee chose one of the new color clubs we got in the very first package, yay! I told her to model the bottle for us lol. What a lovely hand model!

If anyone else is interested in donating to the ladies at OLPH, here is what we're most in need of:
4+ small bottles of lotion
2+ easy cuticle treatments
4+ quick dry top coats
3+ base coats

And keep on sending the polish ladies, new or used! Don't worry, because if we get way too much I'll donate it to other places in need as well like womens' or homeless shelters.


  1. This totally warms my heart. You are so sweet to organize this. Im gonna have to put a package together for you. *blows nose, wipes tears*

  2. This brings the warm fuzzies. These ladies are very lucky to have someone as caring as you working there!

  3. That is such a wonderful idea! those are all such wise and experienced hands!

  4. L - Just email me and let me know :D.

    Christina - The warm and fuzzies :D. I just love to make them happy. I wish you could see their pleasure after getting their nails done.

    Leslie - Aren't they though?

  5. Loved seeing this post! Thanks so much for posting this link in response to The Polish Lab's post on senior manicures!

  6. Glad you liked it, they are such sweet ladies!


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