Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget!

It's the anniversary of the worst day in American history - September 11, 2001. I'm so overwhelmed, sad, angry, and moved to do something. So easily these things fade from our memories...I'm sure most of us are guilty. I wanted to express my feelings, so I found some pictures that moved me.

Please be aware if you click on any of the source links...some of the pictures are amazing, but some are extremely graphic. None of the pictures on this page are graphic.
This picture is actually from today...someone set a flag and flowers on the memorial.

Someone looking for a picture of his father at the Tribute WTC Visitor Center where they have a picture of almost every victim up.

 This is the memorial at ground zero - two huge reflecting pools with powerful waterfalls and names inscribed in the stone all the way around each one.

"Flowers float in the reflecting pool after family members of victims placed them as they gathered at Ground Zero during a 9/11 memorial ceremony."
This is the picture from which I drew my inspiration. I couldn't find a way to do a manicure that was meaningful, different, specific, yet not disturbing...all at the same time. The flowers that those left behind tossed in the water as a tribute....in memory of their loved ones. The picture just so perfectly captures it. 
 I painted roses on my nails over a plastic marble effect that represents the reflective water.

I did the plastic/saran wrap marble with a different method - using a recycled plastic grocery bag, only a few pieces of it, and much less polish. I'd be happy to do a tutorial if you'd like. I forgot to take picture of it before the flowers!
Base, marbled in order - Zoya Song, Zoya Kelly, Diamond Cosmetics Silver, Zoya Natty
Roses mixed: Milani White, China Glaze Hey Sailor, China Glaze Make Some Noise, China Glaze Peachy Keen, Pixy Stix Orange (which is actually yellow), China Glaze Gaga for Green

 Here is a close up of the base design and roses.

A little example of the plastic I used and how I  mix my polishes and use the back of a stamping plate as a palette.

My heart just aches for what happened that day...what the people who were effected are still dealing with, and what we as a country still feel.

I have been listening to this song over and over for ages now and really felt moved to make a short video with it, some thoughtful pictures, and the manicure.

Here are some other manicures I found in honor of this day:
The Lacqueroligist
I'd be happy to add any other, even the pictures, if you'd like.

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? 
Doesn't everyone? 
I was in middle school, home room...the teacher got a call on the phone and turned the television on to the news. People were running in the halls not knowing what was happening or what to do, students were crying, teachers were told to turn the televisions off but chose to expose us to this history instead (which I am thankful for). I was watching the news live as they were discussing the accident...and then we all saw the second plane hit...the people jumping. On live tv. It was unbelievable, unfathomable, how could you possibly grasp such a thing at that moment? And the 4th plane...the heroes who stood against terrorists. What came to pass....what we came to see and learn. The war where people are still dying today. Nearly 3000 innocent people died that day. Writing this and thinking back on it I thought to myself, "I'm so sorry we couldn't help you all." So. Many. People.

People took many things away from that day. It has changed lives for ever. It has changed America forever. The most important thing I took away, and a lesson I have been shown again and again but something we all don't take to heart enough - "Never take your freedoms for granted, and every chance you get, let the ones you love know that they are indeed loved."


  1. Absolutely phenomenal mani you did. Wow. The photos you chose are perfect and your words poignant. Hard to believe...I was one of those teachers in front of my middle school class that day. We couldn't discuss with our students as many many of them had family in or around the Towers and we didn't want to panic everyone. We needed to keep them safe, in the building until someone came to pick them up. Thank you for such a thought out post. And thank you for the link to my post. XO

    1. Thank you so much Victoria. I tried to write what I felt as it came. I thought out the mani very much so. I contemplated the topic all day...It really is something you never forget.

  2. I won't ever forget where I was at that moment. I worked in the airline industry then and my husband is a pilot, so this event hit ver close to home for us. Thank you for sharing these poignant photos of the "after" 9/11. To me that is almost more important than the actual event because is shows how strong our awesome country really is. You gorgeous mani is beautiful too. Breathtaking how you were able to make those roses look just like they did floating in the water. Beautiful.

    1. That is so very flattering! I showed them to my husband:
      Me: "Does this look at all like water?" *pointing to the pic*
      Him: "Uuhhhh..."
      ....ages pass then I'm done with the roses but without the stems
      Me: "Do these look at all like flowers?"
      Him: "They're uh...."
      Me: "Yea nevermind...I don't care I'm not doing them again."

    2. The photos really moved me as well. It shows that people DO still remember. Even those of us who were not directly effected. I'm so sorry you had to go through that stress though, being part of the airline industry. I must say I never complain about the security or being searched anymore.

  3. Great post. I was in tears reading it. We do seem to forget all too easily. God bless those left behind.

    1. Thank you so much. It almost feels like the cancer thing...like you never know what life is really all about until you're about to die or something. Or you never know what you have until it's gone. Why do we have this flaw as humans? I don't know.


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