Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Famous! Kind of...

Lol! I feel famous anyway. I got published in an online newsletter that a popular website just started sending out. This is my first time really being anywhere other than on my blog or guest posts on other blogs. 

Here is a thumbnail of the newsletter where my swatch is featured on  You can view it here :).
 How awesome!
 They featured my remembrance manicure for September 11th which you can view my post on here.
To view the latest "Favorite Swatches of the Week" newsletter check out their site.

I ALSO got my swatches featured on a big company's website for the first time! I have had them on Indie Facebook pages and such, but never quite like this. I know there are ~34897 other people with swatches on Llarowe, but it's cool to me :D. 
My swatches are the second and third currently and are of Sea Lore Aquata, which I love. Awesome!

Thank you, nail polish world, for making me feel special lately :).


  1. Wow! Congrats! One of my pictures also was published in this week`s newsletter from - 101 Dalmatians! :)))

  2. lol thats awesome. I always tell my husband 'I'm kind of a big deal'

    1. Lol I love that. I was trying to tell him how cool I was exactly, and how much I mattered in the nail world. So hard to explain to someone who isn't into it.

  3. congrats, you surely deserve that :D


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