Sunday, September 2, 2012

Barielle Eye Cream Review

 I have had problems with dark circles for years and have woken up with puffy eyes eternally. So I wanted to try Barielle's A.M. Puffy Eye Relief Cream. It claims to diminish dark circles and puffiness. It has some awesome ingredients including green tea, mango seed butter, collagen, vitamin E, sea minerals, and more. What's great is it does not contain petroleum products!
Here is the bottle with a size comparison of my finger, and about how much I use for each eye. It's like 1/3 of a pump, so this stuff lasts a lot longer than you'd think. I swear I've used it like 50 times or more and it's just getting to the Barielle letters. The bottle is one ounce, a bit bigger than your average polish bottle.
Go easy on me lol. For the review I'm not wearing makeup.

To really show you the difference it makes, I have a comparison for you of one eye done with the cream and one eye with no cream. The eye on the left already looks less puffy and dark and I just put it on.

 Here you can see where it diminished that bag line a little and reduced the redness.

 Again it reduced that awful line and brightened up the color underneath my eye.

It was really hard for me to use this consistently, as the instructions say use every morning. Sometimes I even used it both morning and night. I would use it for maybe a week at a time. Therefore it's hard for me to say whether or not using this over time causes a reduction in dark circles. It did seem to slightly diminish mine with even just one use though.
What I DO know is it definitely reduces puffiness. It feels so good to put it on in the morning after I wake up and just feel my eyes sink back in to normal. I've even used it in the middle of the day (to rule out the -your eyes get less puffy as you wake up more anyway- thing) and it works just as well. I used it on my mother on my wedding day and it helped her upper lids too! She really wants some now lol.
I have very sensitive skin and this cream has never given me an issue. It doesn't have any kind of sensation (like cooling) when you put it on that can sometimes cause a skin reaction, and even doesn't hurt when it gets in my eyes. It does feel cooling, but in a good, normal, cold cream way. It just feels good to put on! If you have problems with puffy eyes after a long night, crying, or just all the time puffy, or mild dark circles, try this out!!

Edit: I actually tried this stuff out on a bruise....thinking dark circles are technically broken blood vessels and so are bruises. Well wowza, it worked. It reduced the puffiness and the color (it started with a minor redness to it, but was quite puffy)! So it's not just for the eyes people. Get creative!

You can buy their eye cream for $30 on their website. It may seem a little steep, but it lasts for a long time and Barielle has sales on their site almost constantly. You  might even be able to find it on a Hautelook sale!

This product has been provided to me for my unbiased review


  1. Megan, this was an excellent review. I might just have to get some now:) Also, you have beautiful skin and the prettiest eyes.

    1. Oh my gosh I am definitely not in love with my skin, but thank you so much!
      I was honestly skeptical of this product at first because obviously it's hard to find magical dramatic results in a bottle. Then I got the idea to try one eye and not the other and THAT was the real winner. Pretty awesome stuff.


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