Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Polish Jewelry Glitter Bomb Ring

 I love making anything crafy, and polish jewelry is extra fun! I just did custom request for a super glitter bomb pretty much every color ring :). Here is my happy customer and friend Amanda wearing it :D.
I packaged it up all cute too, I love doing that :D.
(Amanda's Instagram)

 I used 15 polishes in this ring! Here is a pretty close up view of the glitter.

I use a UV resin and love how cool it makes everything look :P.

I love how you can see the detail even in the shade, right down to the tiny particles of holo glitter!

If you'd like to order anything I do basically everything crafty you can imagine, including of course jewelry (beading, wire, polish, etc). You can pop me an email at with an obvious subject like "crafting/polish jewelry" or something like that so I don't miss it. Feel free to comment here too so I know to look for your email! You can also Facebook message me.

How do you like my latest creation?! :D


  1. That is very pretty!! I love your packaging too. To me one of the most fun things about gifts it the pretty wrapping!

    1. Thank you! I don't really have a specific one way to package things right now. I just do cute and what I think that individual person would like :).

  2. This is so pretty! I've wanted to look into getting nail polish jewellery, you should totally get an Etsy page!


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