Saturday, May 5, 2012

For the Kids: 5

 Here is update 5 of the spa donation drive for kids! The drive is technically over now, but we still have some straggler packages coming in. It's awesome!

 Thanks to T. Quach for all this awesome stuff!
She sent a million samples and regular sizes of perfume, lotion, hair stuff, just everything. Not to mention some of the brands were Dior, Prada, Julep, OPI, Victoria Secret, Chanel, and even my favorite perfume by Kate Spade.
The mini bottles were absolutely adorable!!

Here are the polishes. I forgot to take a picture of the actual polish names, but of course we have OPI My Private Jet in there.
T. Ross was another lovely lady who sent Zoya and some of those nice scented bath petals. Counterclockwise from the top left: Zoya Emme, Goldie, Shawn, Gabrielle, Mimi, and Ginessa. I really really need Shawn now!

Thank you ladies, and there is even more to come!

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